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While Madeline is not studying within the fashion industry, Madeline has a strong natural interest in fashion and is always making an effort to educate herself on the latest in trends, designers and industry happenings.

What is your favorite brand?
“I am very intrigued by Forte_Forte because each piece is crafted with such intention. They always cut simple and elegant shapes from luxe fabric which requires their execution to be flawless. I appreciate the story told by their designs and find their craftsmanship to be worship worthy.”
What is your favorite thing about working for Tula?

“I love everything about this job. Being able to come into work every day and work creatively with fashion is something I’ve always dreamed of doing so this opportunity as a college student is something I’m always thankful for. Not to mention I get to learn and collaborate with the best team of women who are always working hard and passionately."

Stay tuned to meet the rest of Team Tula!



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