Meet the Tula Team

Meet Kate!

Since opening Tula’s doors 16 years ago, Kate - our owner, has aimed to provide an exceptional boutique experience. She has an eye for styles that are cutting edge yet classic, ensuring that each one of her customers finds pieces that will last a lifetime. Her ability to style is well sought out allowing her to provide services like personalized styling appointments or curated 
style boxes.

Meet Emma!


Our newest addition, Emma is a design student at CSU and is always optimistic and ready to learn more.
What is your favorite brand?
“I’m a huge fan of Anine Bing, I not only adore how each of her pieces project the inner badass that all women possess but how they’re also crafted to bring effortless comfort to whoever is wearing them.”

Meet Emily!


A Merchandising student at CSU, Emily has an undeniable passion when it comes to the fashion industry and brings that passion to Tula where she finds opportunities to expand her knowledge.
What is your favorite brand?
“I love the timelessness of Isabel Marant’s pieces and that they add a femininity and playfulness to traditionally tomboy silhouettes, the best part is that each piece is so easy to...

Meet Madeline!


While Madeline is not studying within the fashion industry, Madeline has a strong natural interest in fashion and is always making an effort to educate herself on the latest in trends, designers and industry happenings.

What is your favorite brand?
“I am very intrigued by Forte_Forte because each piece is crafted with such intention. They always cut simple and elegant shapes from luxe fabric which requires their execution to be flawless. I...

Meet Regan!

One of our two full timers, Regan has invaluable industry knowledge and now oversees all things social media. She received her Merchandise Marketing degree from FIDM in Los Angeles.
What is your favorite brand?
“I have always been influenced by Parisian style and that is why I love IRO. They feature classic yet feminine designs that...