Introducing Talisman Fine Jewelry and the Designer

Vanessa Barcus


Talisman Fine Jewelry is a collection of sculptural, sustainably-made fine jewelry that evokes an abstract, modernist sensibility with an ancient feel. Designed by Vanessa Barcus, the line is entirely handmade using old-world lost, wax casting techniques in recycled 14k gold. Although designed as heirloom jewelry for everyday wear, the pieces each have a strikingly substantial look. 


Q1. What differentiates Talisman from other fine jewelry brands?

Vanessa: I design and hand make every piece, completely offline and the analog way. And when things are handmade you're going to feel that difference, you're going to feel that person's energy on it. My pieces also have a bit of weight on them because they're not hollow, unlike a lot of mass-made or machine made jewelry. Talisman jewelry stand on their own aesthetically and are made to be worn everyday. They ride the lines between everyday jewelry, sacred adornment, and art because they are sculptural too. 


Q2. What are the sustainable aspects of your jewelry?

Vanessa: I create products with intention and try to use as little new material as I can. All of my jewelry is made with recycled 14k gold, any diamonds I use are reclaimed instead of ones that are new or mined, and my packaging is wooden so it's reusable. Every process I can control, I try to do as sustainable as possible.


Q3. What was it like learning the metalsmithing and other creation processes? Was it something that you were always interested in?

Vanessa: I never thought I would be doing this when I was younger. I was more on the business side of fashion and owned a boutique in Denver called Goldyn. But jewelry making really called to me once I started learning metalsmithing and casting, and it really took over. It's been a really interesting journey and definitely challenging. You have to have a lot of patience, things take a lot of time especially the way I make my pieces, but I enjoy it. It's kind of zen to me, like meditation. 


Q4. What are the care instructions for your piece and how durable are they? 

The good thing about wearing solid gold is that you can shower in them or wear them in your sleep and they, for the most part, aren't going to tarnish. But they can become dirty, so even scrubbing them gently with dish soap is going to get rid of most of the grime. 


Experience the timeless elegance of Talisman Fine Jewelry, crafted with the highest quality material and craftsmanship to be cherished every day and treasured for generations to come. Adorn yourself with the essence of enduring beauty and leave a lasting impression wherever life takes you with these cherished pieces. 

June 25, 2024

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